The National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism (NIHOTOUR) has commenced eLearning programmes in partnership with the Eureka Consortium, an international education initiative with support from the European Union. NIHOTOUR’s eLearning project provides 31 specialist courses in Tourism Management, Hospitality Operation and Sustainable Development.

Enrollment for the eLearning programme has started. Interested students can register either via NIHOTOUR website or the Eureka Consortium websites. The certificates issued to students, at the end of the programme, are admissible in Nigeria and the European Union.

The courses ofered are Professional Diplomas including:

Professional Diploma in Tourism and Recreation
Diploma in Hospitality Management
Certificate in Hospitality Operations
Certificate in Cookery and Pastry Practice
Circular Economy
International Cooperation Project
Project cycle: cradle to tomb and audit after reporting
Formation en ligne – Remote Learning
Sustainability and World Agricultural Heritage Systems
Rules, Standards, Techniques, of the Agri-food Chain in European and Global
Sustainable Architecture
Business Administration for Sustainable Development
Formulation, Design and Management of European and International Projects
Concentrated Solar Power Technologies
Municipal Waste-integrated Management
Biomass to Energy and Fuel  
Bioenergy and Environment
Geothermic and Geothermal Applications
Technologies on Mobility and Sustainable Transport
New and Conventional Energies
International Disaster Management
Clinic Radiology – basic level
Clinic Radiology – advanced level
Critical Infrastructures Protection and Resilience
Ultra Low Frequency Experiments and Diagnostic
Applied Evaluation of Policies and Program
Firefighters and Firemen

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