The Kaduna Campus was established in August, 1979 to complement the Tourism Industry in view of the economy benefits derived from it.  It is today known as National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism, Kaduna Campus situated at No. 5, Yakubu Gowon Way, Kaduna. The campus was formerly the Kaduna branch of the Nigerian Catering School, established in 1963.


The primary objectives of the Institute is to take care of the North West Geographical Zone of the Country, set standard in the National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism Industry and provide skilled manpower in the hospitality Industry.   This bought the following objectives in the institute;

  • To train middle level manpower for the Hotel and similar institutions,
  • To train men and women to be self-reliant in Hospitality and Tourism Industry and encourage the establishment of private catering outfits;
  • To train housewives in the art of cookery, thus improving the quality of meals prepared for their families which will invariably lead to improved health of the citizenry;
  • To prepare students for higher institutions.

Operational activities of the school [Courses offered]

The school had various short-term and long-term courses in the past and is presently running the following

courses: –

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management;
  • Innovation Diploma in Hospitality/Tourism Management
  • Professional Certificate in Hospitality Management;
  • Certificate in Cookery & Pastry Practice (CPP);
  • Diploma IATA/UFTAA (in process)
  • Six weeks sandwich course in Cookery and Pastry.


1.         The NIHOTOUR Kaduna Training Campus has performed quite well in achieving the set objectives.  During 41 years of her existence, it trained numerous students in various courses yearly.

2.         The Graduates of the Campus are found all over the country and across the world, employed in the Hotels, Government Houses, Restaurants, Hospital and other Hospitality and Tourism sectors.

4.         Others has successfully established their own private businesses and also created employment in the industry.   

Contact Info

No. 5, Yakubu Gowon Way,
Opposite Obasanjo House,
Kaduna North,

Telephone: 08035533911 (campus head)