The National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism (NIHOTOUR) has commenced eLearning programmes in partnership with the Eureka Consortium, an international education initiative with support from the European Union. NIHOTOUR’s eLearning project provides 27 specialist courses in Tourism Management, Hospitality Operation and Sustainable Development.

Just over a year ago, the Director General of NIHOTOUR, Nura Sani Kangiwa, on assumption of office, promised to bridge the knowledge gap in Nigeria’s hospitality and tourism sectors by ensuring that NIHOTOUR provides eLearning programmes for new entrants and professionals in the industry. He further justified his commitment to eLearning in the wake of limitations to physical learning occasioned by the rampaging Covid-19 pandemic.

Accordingly, the technical partnership between NIHOTOUR and the Eureka Consortium facilitates virtual learning programmes for Nigerian and international students, in English and French languages, for up to a year. Students in the eLearning programmes are trained by lecturers from NIHOTOUR, as well as, from some European universities and research institutes.

Nura Kangiwa, the Director General of NIHOTOUR, and Professor Edmund Agbo, the Coordinator of the Eureka Consortium in Africa, both assured that the eLearning programmes are highly discounted for Nigerian students, despite the world-class training provided by renown professors and researchers. They assured that the objective of the partnership is to catalyze Nigeria’s sustainable economic development through reskilling of workers in the hospitality and tourism sectors. 

Courses provided in the eLearning project include Professional Diploma in Tourism and Recreation, Diploma in Hospitality Management, Certificate in Hospitality Operations, Certificate in Cookery and Pastry Practice, International Cooperation Project, Sustainability and World Agricultural Heritage Systems, Business Administration for Sustainable Development, Technologies on Mobility and Sustainable Transport, Circular Economy, Project cycle: cradle to tomb and audit after reporting, among others. Enrollment for the eLearning programme has started. Interested students can register either via NIHOTOUR website or the Eureka Consortium websites. The certificates issued to students, at the end of the programme, are admissible in Nigeria and the European Union.

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